dollies_blood (dollies_blood) wrote in torontobeauty,

some hair questions

excuse my lack of knowledge beforehand!

here's my dilemma:
i have really damaged thin hair. it's long and i've already tried the "chop it all off" procedure and it was healthy until it grew back to it's normal length. i blame dyeing products and my blow-dryer. i have asian-oriental hair but it's thing and not black at all. it's medium brown colour as it grows out and has darker brown roots. i keep dying it black because i've always hated my brownish hair and it really doesn't suit me at all. i'm looking for an alternative to have long blackish hair without dying it too much and hopefully not damaging my natural hair and all i came up with was hair extensions so i have a few questions.

-if i cut my hair real short again to get the extensions put in, will the products they use eventually damage my natural hair therefore making it pointless anyways?
-i know they go by how many strands and what types of hair but i'm looking for synthetic (because i think real hair is kinda scary) and i --have thin hair so i would want it to look natural as possible - would that cost less?
how would i wash it, clean it etc? am i allowed to blow dry synthetic hairs?

approximately - how much would it cost according to what i've listed? i would just like simple black (or closest to black) hair...straight, no waves etc.

last but not least - any recommendations?

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